Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bird Flu Strikes the US

     Our way of life, the American Dream and the virginity of our daughters are under attack… well maybe not yet. George “our sacred protector” Bush has announced that he will save us from the deadly bird flu. Only by allowing the US pharmaceutical companies to pillage the treasury can we be spared. Bold new restrictions on foreign interests will contain the viral threat to the evil perpetrators who have allowed the threat to fester unchallenged.

     Pushing the Pause Button on my tirade, Lets review a few facts.
  1. Transmission is almost exclusively from bird to bird with only a very small percentage of bird to human transmission

  2. Further mutation is needed before bird to human transmission can be considered more than a statistical anomaly.

  3. There has been no known human-to-human transmission to date.

  4. There is no way to predict the fatality rate of the disease if it does mutate into a human-to-human disease.

GWB will certainly go down in history as creating the most fear in order to smother that fear with huge sums of money. Let us be thankful that generations of liberal politics has bloated the federal govmint to the point that we can now use the phrase “billions of dollars” without hardly batting an eyelash.

Are we to believe that meaningful restrictions on travel are possible for a nation that can’t even slow the human tidal wave pouring across our borders?

I am confused, when did the GOP become the liberals?

If  you are not yet properly terrified by the prospect of a pandemic flu outbreak, check out .

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