Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tired Turtles Rant

Tired Turtle’s Rant Of The Day

The world anxiously waits to see if the Israeli-Hesbola cease-fire will actually happen. I for one am not holding my breath. Each and every faction involved is plotting it’s failure while smiling for the camera. Israel is betting that Hesbola’s hatred of all things Jewish will make it impossible for them to restrain themselves from kicking Israel in the shins which will justify more carnage to civilian populations. Hesbola has embarrassed Israel by showing they are not an invincible superstate. A reputation earned by continually beating on the impotent Palestinians. Hesbola knows they will continue to receive ample resources from Syria and Iran as a reward for showing that the IDF has feet of clay. Even now you can bet that the Lebanese government officials are figuring out how they can skim enough from the imminent humanitarian aid to keep themselves comfortable while their nation burns. This show is far from over.  

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