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Via Drudge:

I'm starting with the venerable bottomfeeding muckraker on this story because Drudge has once again demonstrated that no matter what the flaws, foibles, or felonies of his subjects, he can always one-down them. Drudges tagline for Dowd's excellent work

"NYT DOWD TO MEN: WHY DON'T YOU GO JERK YOURSELF A SODA" says far more about Drudge than Dowd. His crass inclusion of a tacky photo and a taunting "name that photo contest" is merely icing on the cake...

I don't know where that photo came from, I don't care whose choice it is, and I don't care that Maureen is damn good looking for a fifty-something feminist warhorse... That photo is still a four-star example of bad taste.

But to topic:

Long though it is, the article is a worthy read, even a must read. Just skip over the feminist daggers like "Throughout the long, dark ages of undisputed patriarchy" or "Men, apparently, learn early to protect their eggshell egos from high-achieving women," and feel Maureen's pain...

Using anectdote and observation, Ms[???] Dowd tactitly admits the surrender of feminism and outlines its decline. It's not a surrender to that evil male patriarchy or even society but rather biology. Asking the questions "So was the feminist movement some sort of cruel hoax? Do women get less desirable as they get more successful?" and pointing out ""Nowadays, the rule of thumb seems to be that the more successful the woman, the less likely it is she will find a husband or bear a child. For men, the reverse is true..." Maureen dances around the answer, providing evidence after evidence that the un-natural nature of the feminist premise must doom it in the long run.

After 40+ years of the pill and 30 years of a million or better abortions annually, the original bra-burners finally are forced to admit the irrefutable, damning flaws in the feminist premise:


Society exists to maximize the chances that those absurdly dependent, big-brained babies of mankind will survive and man will thereby flourish. The most successful societies evolved along a single basic pattern - or were given that pattern by God, if you prefer - which best insures that survival.


The survival of our species is dependent not on the equality of the sexes but rather their very real inequality. Millions of years of natural selection has honed the specialized differences in anatomy, behavior, and ability, and that can't be undone by a social whim.


In the process of attempting to trump evolution with indoctrination, feminism largely destroys the natural stake men have in society, an attack which men, no matter how pussywhipped they may be, instinctively rebel against.

As Dowd Notes "Women... still strive to marry up. Men... still tend to marry down. The two sexes' going in opposite directions has led to an epidemic of professional women missing out on husbands and kids..."

Her colleague at the Times, John Schwartz, opined: "Men would rather marry their secretaries than their bosses, and evolution may be to blame."...

A study by The University of Michigan posited: "Men think that women with important jobs are more likely to cheat on them... There it is, right in the DNA: women get penalized by insecure men for being too independent."

Inevitably, the whims of feminism will be their own undoing as they lead those who cherish them down the path to the insignificance of personal extinction.

And even Maureen Dowd has come to this understanding.

Whoda thunk it!

Wow, twice in a week that we agree completely!
Every thinking man should read Ms Dowd's article. Maureen Dowd articulates the broken promise of the femenist movement in a way that even us men can understand. It is somewhat comforting that women instinctively know that they still do need men. During the heyday of the feminist movement men were being told that women did not need men but we knew that we still needed women. Hopefully, Men and women can realize that using the special talents of each gender is the key to success for all of us.
Fight for upholding natural justice

Dear Readers

I'm happy to note that you are interested in justice and equality . My comment below is ALSO about Justice and equality. Fight for Justice is International ....

..How would you feel if you are arrested in the middle of the night for no fault of yours ?

What would you do if your wife were the prime mover behind the arrest ? and she has used the arrest a bargaining tool ?

Shocking isn't it ? No ! this can't happen in India ain't it ? But true, this IS happening in India in this day and age

This has happened to 1000s of Innocent Indian Men in the name of "Cruelty in Marriage".

Laws were enacted to protect women. However these laws are being misused by 1000s of MODERN women to settle scores, wreak vengeance, arrested ELDERLY MOTHERS and even pregnant sisters

Here's what's happening

There were adequate provisions in the Indian Penal Code Sections 323, 324, 325 and 326 for use against anyone who assaults a woman or causes her injury.

In spite of this, The Indian Penal Code was amended twice during the 1980s — first in 1983 and again in 1986 — to define special categories of crimes dealing with marital violence and abuse In 1983, Section 498A of the IPC defined a new cognizable offense, namely, “cruelty by husband or relatives of husband”.

This means that under this law the Indian police have no option but to take action, arrest, once such a complaint is registered by the victim or any of her relatives. The due process of law prescribes that the "..accused is innocent unless proven guilty..". However in this case the accused is immediately arrested. His image in society is tarnished. His parents and sisters who can also be named in the complaint, are also arrested or harassed..

Sec. 498A of Indian Penal Code prescribes imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and also includes a fine. The definition of cruelty is not just confined to causing grave injury, bodily harm, or danger to life, limb or physical health, but also includes mental health, harassment and emotional torture through verbal abuse. This law takes particular cognizance of harassment, where it occurs with a view to coercing the wife, or any person related to her, to meet any unlawful demand regarding any property or valuable security, or occurs on account of failure by her, or any person related to her, to meet such a demand.

However, no punitive provisions were added for those making false allegations or exaggerated claims.

There is, of course, the law against perjury (lying on oath). But in India, the courts expect people to prevaricate and lawyers routinely encourage people to make false claims because such stratagems are assumed to be part of the legal game in India. Therefore, the law against perjury has hardly ever been invoked in India. Section 406, to be invoked by the woman to file cases against her husband and in-laws for retrieval of her dowry prescribes imprisonment of upto three years for criminal breach of trust. Often, highly exaggerated or bogus claims are made by unscrupulous families who demand the return of more than was given as ‘stridhan’, using the draconian sections 498A and section 406 of the IPC as a bargaining tool.

What do we seek here

1. We seek your support to upholding the "..due process of law..".

2. A matrimonial dispute if essentially CIVIL in nature. This should NOT be dealt with by police who handle criminal complaints. Civil disputes like matrimonial disputes are to be handle by marriage councelors or family courts

3. A due process of law shall be followed i.e. NO ONE should be arrested for a matrimonial dispute, UNLESS the case has been fully inquired into. i.e. Section 498A should be bailable. Any arrest should be made ONLY WITH A WARRANT !

4. There shall be stringent punishment FOR THOSE INDULGING IN FALSE COMPLAINTS. They are wasting the precious time and resources of the police and indulging in wasting tax payers money by clogging the Judiciary and Police with false and frivolous cases

5. Elderly parents, sisters and OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS should NOT BE ARRESTED unless the complete inquiry is orders

In effect we are fighting for upholding natural justice and the due process of law - a proper trial BEFORE any arrest

We request you to sign this petition and circulate it to as many people as possible

Jai Hind

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