Sunday, October 16, 2005


Or maybe this one is a Darwin Award. I'm just not sure. Take your pick. Fox is reporting,2933,172415,00.html on the case of a 600 pound man who died in his burning house because he couldn't get out. Firemen finally managed to get the man on a backboard and slide him out the door but not before he died of the smoke & heat.

If I were a liberal, I might be wringing my hands over such a deplorable case. I might be demanding an investigation, even suggesting monies be allocated for special programs to protect the mass-challenged.

But I just can't do it. When somebody as big as two full-grown boar hogs dies in a fire because he can't get up and walk ten feet, well, common sense insists that's just survival of the fittest in reverse.

And if you are a liberal, the kind of person who believes society should protect people, even from themselves, answer where society was when he was amassing his bulk.

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