Monday, October 17, 2005


VIA Orbusmax, we have this from the Guardian "Report: Katrina Spending Lacked Controls",1282,-5350622,00.html

Read it yourself. Maybe I'm just grumpy because it's dinnertime.

"Lacked spending controls"... In the middle of the biggest natural disaster to ever hit this Nation, carping about accounting procedures?

If the accounting procedures had slowed down the relief, would the headline read "Report: Spending Controls Slowed Relief To Katrina Victims???" You damn right it would.

This goes along with other observations I have composting about "our" reaction to Katrina. I don't think that on balance we showed our best, and I don't mean in the response. I mean the response to the response.

We live in a land of constantly inflating expectations where even poverty is steadily defined upward. Americans have become so used to the half empty glass they don't know any other viewpoint.

Somehow, I just don't think the men and women who survived the first winters at Plymouth would look favorably on much of what we have done with their legacy.

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