Friday, October 21, 2005


That the Republicans are still in power, despite their hypocrisy, their dishonesty, and their scandals... You look to the Looney Left and remember why...

Joel Connelly relates the tale of a fund-raising letter he received from Jim McDermott recently. Representative McDermott, who is apparently too busy to be bothered with his Congressional duties, is spending his time... Fund raising, of course. He is deeply in debt due to an ongoing legal dispute with Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio. McDermott keeps fighting, and he keeps losing. At this point the best he can hope for is to die before he has to cough up the best part of a million bucks.

But there is a solution! "If each of 25,000 "known Democrats" receiving his mailing were to give $10 and get two friends to give $10, writes McDermott, "I could then concentrate on bringing our troops home instead of dialing for dollars."

Damn! If it weren't for Boehner and his silly claim, McDermott would end the war and bring the troops home!

Well, he did get Jim McDermott out of Vietnam...

The hell of it is, he'll get that money, bet on it. The same Loonie Lefties who keep sending Seattle's foremost idiot to the "other" Washington will pay his bills, and will continue to re-elect him as long as he runs.

Seattle, gimme a puff of that stuff!

So the next time you ponder the absurdity of right-wing rule, remember that it comes down to the politics of alternatives. And cuss the Democrats roundly for their lack of providing them.

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