Tuesday, November 29, 2005



OrbusMax linked to a well-written piece by Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters today; kudos to both. The Captain is always a worthy read:


The Captain is following, as he did on the 17th of November, the ever-widening scandal of Jack Abramoff's attempts to buy government.

Ed notes "Democrats have tried painting Jack Abramoff's sleazy and allegedly criminal lobbying efforts as a strictly Republican scandal for the last several months... However, as the investigation into Abramoff continues, more and more ties to Democrats have emerged..."

The piece on the 17th does a pretty good job detailing the "who's who" of Jack's list.

Note the Captain views this as a Republican vs Democrat issue, not a liberal vs conservative issue. On the 17th he notes: "If the name Jack Abramoff hasn't come up in quite a while, it shouldn't surprise anyone. After having had a turn as the favorite Democratic bogeyman on Republican corruption, the issue inexplicably slid off the radar...

It occurs to me to ask: Who's radar? At the risk of putting words in the Captain's mouth, I assume he means the issue hasn't received much coverage from major media outlets - the ones conservatives call the "liberal press" and liberals call the "MSM," short, of course, for Main Stream Media.

Message to Captain Ed: This never fell off the "liberal" radar. People who call themselves - not the same as are called by others - "liberal" or "progressive" have been all over this all along. And they're just as disgusted with the Democrats as they are with the Republicans.

It's good to see you've caught up...

This isn't a poke at the good Captain. It's an observation for him and others who are proud to be called conservative:

True liberals don't like the Democrats. They hold their noses and vote Democrat as often as not because they think they need the Democrats to protect them from the more retrograde elements of the Republican faction, especially the religious right.

For these Democrats by default it isn't "good choice - bad choice;" rather it's "bad choice - worse choice."

If the real conservatives ever manage to muzzle the social conservatives the liberals will jump ship on the Democrats so fast they'll be out of sight before you hear the splashes, Captain.

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