Sunday, November 27, 2005



DRDGE is reporting via DrudgeFlash - sorry for the visual -

That in the unlikely but apparently completely unthinkable chance that Saddam Hussein is found "not guilty" the administration vows "There will be more charges filed against him, and more charges after that, if needed... he has committed tremendous crimes..."

In other words, if he's found innocent of being a tyrannical bastard the first time, they're going to keep going... Just because...

So we now have three kinds of Jeopardy! Ordinary "Single Jeopardy" that applies to most of us, special two-tiered court system "Double Jeopardy" applied to rich SOB's like OJ and Robert Blake...

And now, for ex-heads of defeated States, there's "Endless Jeopardy"!!!

Saddam's a bastard. He used to be our bastard, then he was his own bastard. Now he's an old, broken, beaten bastard. No matter what, he won't live much longer.

So what, other than the ugly impulse of vengeance and the love of spectacle can propel suggestions such as our venerable bottomfeeder reports today?

The funny thing is, most of the people in the Bush administration claim to be Christians, which means they revere a man who forgave his killers as they killed him. But they can't forgive a killer who has nothing left but the long slow slide to a dotard end.

Send him to the Old Tyrant's Home on Saint Helena Island. And show you're better than he.

Most of the people in the Bush administration don't claim to be Christians ... rather media labels them as such when convenient.
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