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There's a lot going on these days, a lot of issues being covered by media on many levels.

Here's one I hope doesn't get ignored in the press of the more urgent and personally important:

Riots in France.

The BBC has been covering the situation for some time; via Drudge, we have the latest report

FoxNews is also following the story,2933,174409,00.html

Let's ignore for the moment some of the details here. It's somehow too easy, considering the animosity many today feel for Islamic peoples, to just pigeonhole this situation as one more black mark for Islam. I would like to posit that in situations like this, immigrant ethnicity is far less important than the attitude of the host Nation towards those immigrants and immigration in general.

France and the US have a lot in common, more than many Americans are comfortable admitting these days. Both Nations face a quandry brought about by social evolution - or devolution, if you prefer: Both Nations need immigrants because the native-born birthrates are too low.

And both Nations have a kind of "liberal" non-policy on the subject of immigration, legal or otherwise. Both Nations have in the past encouraged groups to maintain their identities, to not assimilate.

Truth to tell, the French are more "conservative" than we on this matter, having better controls of their borders. Yet their social policies have encouraged the development of minority communities instead of communities of new citizens. Outsiders on the inside.

Today, approximately 10% of the French population fits this description.

The US, we often remind ourselves, is a Nation of immigrants. What we often forget is the qualifier "assimilated." This omission may be our great fatal error, the seed of a kind of national suicide.

National defense is perhaps the Federal State's paramount duty. Common sense says that defense begins at our borders. Yet common sense is the thing most lacking in our border control and immigration non-policies. George W Bush, arguably the most conservative President in living memory, has virtually abandoned the immediate defense of our borders, despite entreaties from across the political spectrum. The President's "solution" to the illegal immigration crisisis an expanded guest-workers program... Vastly expanded.

At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security insists it is their intention to deport every illegal immigrant, yet nobody has the foggiest idea how many that is or how to go about it. No serious proposal exists to fund such a gargantuan undertaking. Instead, we get "showcase" operations like the one conducted recently in Tacoma, which "bagged" 105 suspected illegal immigrants.

105 out of how many millions?

Federal abdication has resulted in a chaos of responses from other quarters. Private citizens form vigilante groups to enforce the laws INS agents cannot or will not enforce, while State governments bounce between railing at the costs "undocumented" aliens impose on their welfare systems to bending over backward to make life easier for those aliens.

Illegal aliens with legal documents like driver's licenses. Illegal immigrants may even be voting... Illegally, of course, but counted nonetheless.

At the same time, the President of Mexico argues for even more lenient treatment of Mexican citizens and groups like MECHA openly advocate the American Reconquista and for the establishment of a new nation carved out of northern Mexico and the southwestern US...

Oh, but it's all just debate, just earnest discussion between reasonable people, right?

The mind's ear hears this echoed from France not so long ago.

Europhiles like to insist Europe today is America tomorrow. Maybe there is some truth to that. If the flames of Paris today light the way to our possible tomorrow, I hope "we" are watching.

It's a future we must avoid.

Right on target on this. Coming soon to a street near you: Riots in LA, Phoenix, San Diego, et. al., brought to you by La Raza.

After all, the Southwest really and truly belongs to the Aztecs, or as they are now being referred to, "America's Palestinians"...

I wonder which side the left will be on?
But I thought it is "the religion of peace"?,,30200-13457760,00.html

Watch the wrap
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