Tuesday, November 08, 2005



I-900: An unenthusiastic yes.

It can't hurt, but I doubt it will help...

I-901: An unenthusiastic no.

I would vote yes if a mechanism were included to allow opt-outs for taverns and restaurants. As it is, this is just one more reason for people to patronize tribal gaming establishments. And encouraging that is just plain stupid.

I-912: HELL NO! Two lines of reasoning:

1) The tax is necessary. We're not spending enough on roads even with the increase. Someday we will awaken to one of the "Chicken Little" scenarios come true, and then what?

And 2) I am a little disgusted with the way the "pro" campaign was ran. I cannot shake the intuition there is a sizeable "screw Queen Christine" component in this effort, and if the Republicans were in charge they would be proposing a plan not materially dissimilar. Why do I say that? Because too many traditional Republican supporters are against I-912.

I-330: HELL NO!

As written, the only practical effect of this action will be to screw the poor. "Noneconomic damages" are all some victims have. I suspect it will also make it more difficult for poor people to get competent legal counsel.

Now if all it screwed were the Lawyers, I'd be voting yes...

I-336: Another unenthusiastic yes...

My gut says this will help a little but not much.

At the risk of being branded a flaming commie, I think that eventually those of us who said "HELL NO!!!" to Hillarycare are going to have to cop to being wrong, wrong, wrong. The entire financial underpinnings of American healthcare are rotten - far worse, I suspect then the rest of the economy - and I-336 is a baby step toward the inevitable. Yes, I realize this is just malpractice under review, but that is part of the larger issue.

SJR 8207: Yes.

I am persuaded by the fairness argument.

Finally, to my friends in King County: A very reluctant endorsement of David Irons. It's not I think he will do a better job so much as I think you need a major shakeup in County government.


(I-912) For me it's not about Gregoire, it's about pouring more and more money into a pitiless bottom, if you will. Yes we need more money spent on roads. But the disconnect between that idea and the fact that we are spending oodles upon oooooodles already is amazing to me.

The only thing I can fathom is that some want gov and DOT to keep wasting tax money on gov bureaucracies as opposed to running lean and fixing trans problems. So we might as well raise taxes ... again and again and well, you know. Wouldn't surprise me if 912 fails.
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