Wednesday, November 09, 2005



Speaking to Fox News [radio] Channel's Brian Kilmeade, McCain remarked ""I constantly, throughout my career, have had to work on getting angry and frustrated and losing my temper... I'm happy to say that I've managed almost always not succumb to that problem..."

Thank you Senator for that soul-bearing... And thank you, NewsMax, for bringing it to our attention... I think NewsMax is an excellent place to discuss anger management. They have so much experience with anger...

But I'm having a hell of a time fitting this into a successful Presidential campaign.

"Vote for McCain! He almost never loses his temper!" No...

Make it a plus, perhaps:

"McCain's the man: Mad, and not taking it anymore!" No...

"Vote for McCain! He'll vent for you!" No...

"Angry? Vote McCain! He understands!" Maybe...

I know! "Vote John! Pissed off beats pissed on!"

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