Monday, November 14, 2005




Richard Bradley blogs on the "Tragic victims of SUV menace"

Bradley cites data presented in an article from the New York Daily News

that SUV's are significantly more likely to kill pedestrians and are disproportionally responsible for pedestrian deaths. The article goes on to state that the problem is design related.

Apparently if you're a pedestrian in a collision, cars break your legs but taller vehicles like SUV's break your head...

Noting that some manufacturers are working on better designs, the story ends with standard issue second guessing from Public Citizen's President, Joan Claybrook: "These vehicles shouldn't be so high to begin with, The manufacturers should have paid attention to this long ago"

I must be a total Neanderthal. I thought ground clearance went along with utility...

But Bradley goes beyond the Post. Since "SUVs have made New York City streets increasingly dangerous, especially for pedestrians..." Bradley asks "When is someone going to take the logical and urgent next step, and file a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of SUVs? Irresponsible and dangerous in ways that their manufacturers surely knew, they have degraded the quality of all our lives."

The Progressive mindset in spades. "They" have degraded "our" lives... And the manufacturers "surely knew"...

It's them against us, and we're just helpless victims.

So it's time to drag the bastards into court! After all, Court-imposed, sanction based "solutions" work far better than free markets...

It's oft said that a communist is a socialist with a gun. I note a progressive is a liberal with a lawyer and an attitude.

And you can do a lot more damage to a free society with a lawyer as your weapon than with a firearm anyday...

Of course well known that SUV's save lives -- of the people inside. Why can't the gov just let people decide for themselves. When gas (and gas taxes) get too high we'll all be in VW bugs. It's called the free market and it works.

Great post.
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