Wednesday, November 02, 2005


From FoxNews and others this morning come remarks from the President on a possible and presumably peaceful nuclear energy program for Venezuela:,2933,174278,00.html

Mr. Bush is quoted "I guess if I were a taxpayer in Venezuela, I would wonder about the energy supply that Venezuela has," Bush said. "But maybe it makes sense. I haven't really studied the proposal."

Here's my suggestion. The People of the United States should give the People of Venezuela the largest, finest nuclear power facility the mind of man can create.

All we ask in return is they bury Hugo Chavez under it...

If this works out, maybe we can make a deal with the People of Cuba...

Giving them a nuke plant is a great idea - it worked with N Korea! :)
You've got to admit that there is little better use for Chavez or Castro than fertilzer...

Where is Wild Bill Donovan when you need him?
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