Saturday, November 26, 2005


I know it's a tacky lead, but it fits...

Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney had several interesting observations yesterday in his blog

"Trees, Turkeys and Muslim Brotherly Love"

Interesting not so much for what they say as what they demonstrate about the Rabid-Right mindset...

Maloney begins with a comment about two property assaults by groups purporting to represent The Nation of Islam. In both cases, liquor stores owned or operated by Moslems were attacked and their inventories destroyed. In one case, an attacker was heard to comment “They said ‘[You're] Muslims,’ and selling liquor to the community, that [you] ain't supposed to be doing that.” Corrected for illiterate syntax...

Maloney ends by asking "Is this the start of a larger, violent muslim movement in the increasingly dangerous East Bay?"

Don't forget to check under your bed, Bri...

And look up Carry Nation some day. Busting up liquor stores is as American as fire and brimstone preachers...

Then he goes after the Amerinds...

Commenting on the annual "unthanksgiving ceremony" held on Alcatraz Island Maloney finds meaning here:

"It was the saddest day for us. It was a big mistake for us to help the Pilgrims survive that first winter. They betrayed us once they got their strength."... [bolding Maloney's]

According to the root story, "Groups representing Palestinian, Aztec and African indigenous people joined Native Americans in dancing, chanting and prayers."

Maloney ends... "Yes, it really was a shame Palestinians, Aztecs and Africans helped the Pilgrims that winter in Plymouth, isn't it?"

Thanks for perpetuating the non-sequitur, Brian. Do you have anything significant to add?

One more affluent inheritor who can't face the truth: His fortune is based on the blood of others...

OK, that's a many-sided story. But the Amerinds have a point: The European colonization of America was a disaster for those people. Even if you want to argue, as some bigots have argued about slavery, that today's Amerinds are better off because of their past, you still don't erase the unintentional decimation by epidemic, the occasional slaughter, and the appropriation of a vast land already inhabited - more inhabited than the Maloney's of this world can admit.

And last for notes on Falwell's jihad...

We go to Boston, where the Reverend unChrist Falwell and the donor of a White Spruce - tax deductable, I'm sure - are up in arms - and up to their armpits in lawyers - over Boston's decision to call the tree a "Holiday tree."

My Merriam-Webster claims "Holiday" is twelfth century English, "Haligdaeg," literally "Holy Day."

Now what kind of Christians object to "Holy Day?" The kind who don't want their faith to be one of many but rather the only one.

I don't get Falwell's point, anyway. Christmas is pre-twelfth century English for "Christ's Mass," a Catholic feast. So he's out in the cold anyway, as are all non-Catholics...

If you need proof there is no god-creator, Jerry "unChrist" Falwell is exhibit "A." No supreme being could make such a blunder...

But the first and last of Maloney's pieces certainly tie the whole together nicely. Islamic religious bullies, Christian religious bullies. All the same. The lust for power is its own beginning and knows no end.

I accept the pacifistic protestations of no fanatic at face value.

And that's important to recall, I think. Don't believe for a second the Falwells, Robertsons, and Dobsons of this world - and their followers, including those in government - aren't capable of terrible violence. Legal action itself is a kind of violence and often terrible. The fact they don't resort to grosser measures merely indicates they have better ways... Today...

Thanks again, Brian...

"One more affluent inheritor who can't face the truth: His fortune is based on the blood of others..."

Honestly, isn't this the story of all Mankind? You need to go back about 10,000 years to find someone who hasn't taken land held by someone else, and then called it there own.

No matter who you are, it sucks being on the wrong end of the stick when someone bigger and badder comes along, and wants what you have.

I feel badly that the amerinds, and the various South American cultures were wiped out and over riden. I feel the same for the Palestinians, and the Armenians, and the Gails, and the Romans, and every other people that have been conquered and swamped by invaders and new tribes.

Until the 20th Century, this was accepted for what it was: People doing what evolution has built into us: competing for resources.

Only now, in our so-called enlightened age, do we have the wailing and whining and gnashing of teeth, and the quilt peddlers.
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