Friday, December 16, 2005


REUTERS reports today on a rally by people [?] who gathered to commemorate Howard Stern's last broadcast on the public airwaves:

Mr. Stern is moving to Sirius Satellite Radio, a private, subscriber-only broadcaster which is not regulated by the FCC. Stern will have two channels devoted to his "work."

I guess we'll call those the pervert channels... At least this is a market-related solution to the matter.

Speaking from an outdoor stage, Howie remarked ""We broke every rule known to radio and mankind and I'm proud of that. And I don't think this ride is over yet. Let the freedom bell be rung, and let it be rung by a stripper! We beat then at their own game, we figured out how to do it. Change the rules, break the chains, the last of a dying breed."

Radio strippers??? You would think being stuck at the age of 15 would get old...

Still, it occurs to me Howie may have done a great service to all by providing common ground for creationists and evolutionists. Being the "last of a dying breed" means he has been selected for extinction. Even the most ardent creationist will have to agree this is an excellent application of evolutionary principles.

Die, Howie, die! Hopefully we can have your body launched into the sun. We don't want it here...

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