Friday, December 02, 2005


Human Events Online

relates today that the organization Media Matters for America has launched an e-mail drive whose goal is to convince CNN not to grant air-time to Anne Coulter.

Human Events considers this a "liberal" muzzling. If so, conservatives owe their liberal antagonists a heartfelt thanks. They're the ones who should be doing the muzzling. Anne Coulter is an embarrassment to any thinking person and a detriment to everything real conservatism stands for.

As opposed to such paragons of discourse as Al Franken, Garafalo, Carville, et al from the left?
Yeah CNN thinks they're clever putting an "over the top" type conservative on. They hope she looks foolish.

Think it will backfire on them. She's a little zany, but she's usually right, and very bright.
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