Thursday, December 08, 2005


RJ Eskow over at Huffington Post blogs on pharmacists who are refusing to fill certain prescriptions because of ethical and/or religious objections:

The most common target of their ire is emergency contraception, often referred to as "the morning after pill."

So let's see...

Pharmacists have, at least in a practical sense, a monopoly - a monopoly granted by license. The license is granted by the government, which prevents people from otherwise accessing the products pharmacists dispense. The products are legal, and the rights to the products do not belong to the pharmacists, who are in any case merely following the legal directions of a physician. In many places and situations, a single pharmacist is the only choice a patient has.

They call themselves "fundamentalists," a politically correct way to say fanatic. Their goal is to impose their religious beliefs on others. Their tool is a power they wield in a fashion clearly not intended by those who granted them the power in the first place.

These people are just plain evil.

This merits "one strike and you're out." They should have their licenses revoked and they should be barred from ever practicing their profession again without hope of appeal.

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