Saturday, December 03, 2005


I've redacted a couple of paragraphs from a blog It was written sometime in the last three years.

Question for the house? Is the author liberal or conservative?

""... point out the obvious answer as to why people like [a congressperson] and [a congressperson] could make such statements given the reality of the situation. I said, "It is not surprising that a bunch of insulated elitists in the Washington establishment -- most of whom have never served in uniform -- would stab the [which?] party in the back and attack the courage of people like [who do you expect?] for their stand on Iraq."

"That's what's really going on. We have a divide in this country between ordinary hard-working people throughout America who want their government to reflect their interests, and the politicians/pundits in Washington who have made an art form out of denying reality, whether it comes to national security policy or economic policy. Sure, there are some courageous politicians fighting for us in Washington, like [your champions] and some others. But there is no denying that a growing divide is what defines our political system...""

I've read things like this posted to blogs of all persuasions. Haven't you?

I think this particular qoute can easily be read from either persuasion. This type of view is part politics, and part paranoia. I can easily see either James Carville or Anne Coulter saying these words, though it would more likely be more moderate speakers, as Carville and Coulter are both bomb throwers.

Now, I dont think you could take a post from Daily Kos, and pose the same question, because it would be grossly obvious what the political view/mental state of the writer was. I am sure there are Right wing blogs of the same type...
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