Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The "wisdom" of the Seattle P-I

With more than a little air of sour grapes, the Seattle P-I Editorial Board has tendered their opinion of the Iraqi elections:

"Iraq Election: Blood and ink"

I'm no fan of this war or the current administration, but these guys need a reality check...

"That is, at least, if we can trust the Bush administration about its intentions in Iraq... Could the noble-sounding promise of establishing a democracy in Iraq turn out to be just as hollow -- merely the means to some other end, such as control over Iraq's oil reserves or permanent U.S. military bases there?"

Message to the ivory tower... We're not in charge over there. Really we never were. Sure, we ousted the old government and now we're keeping the peace - or trying to - but success or failure tomorrow is in the hands of the Iraqis. If they don't want their democracy to work, neither we nor anyone else can make it work for them.

We're not building a "puppet state."

Which is a good thing, since America has never been good at that sort of thing...

And those headstrong Iraqis would make damn poor puppets...

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