Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I sometimes get accused of being a leftie liberal. As an aid to anyone so confused, I suggest this little gem via Huffington Post:

Now this is a leftie... A Bush-hater in spades.

It's the author's contention that the war's stated objectives were accomplished before the war began - the WMD's were gone and the Al-Qaeda connection never existed - and we're really fighting a "second war" composed of problems we created.

This is about as close to Saddam nostalgia I think I've found in print...

The hell of it is, if you ignore the "Bush is an idiot" and the concomittant "it's all his fault" refrains, some of the observations concerning the intramural relations of the Iraqi factions are accurate.

And this guy comes to exactly the same conclusion as the extreme right but for different reasons: We have to stay in Iraq. Not to fight terrorism, but to insure a fair power-sharing evolves. In the author's words:

"Withdrawal is not a plan. Staying is also not a plan. A strategy that entails us leaving whenever that strategy is accomplished is a plan... [no shit?] Victory is when the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds have achieved some meaningful balance of power without our presence."

In other words, when hell freezes over solid...

Politics is often defined in terms of a spectrum; left to right, etc. I think the line is a circle; I often find that the ends meet around the backside, opposite the center, so to speak. There dwell the fanatics.

And it is fascinating how often they collide at the same conclusion, coming from opposite directions.

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