Thursday, December 29, 2005


From the UK Independent:

"Chicken dung used to feed fish may help spread bird flu"

The title says it all. The droppings go into the fishponds to feed phytoplankton the fish eat. Of course this means the fish are swimming in poop stew...

The fear is the very popular practice is creating a vast virus reservoir. It's only a theory so far, but the pattern of H5N1 spread more accurately tracks to the use of this practice than other suggested vectors, such as migratory birds. It holds true even in places far out of the epidemic's center, like Croatia and Romania.

So far the suggested connection is only being applied to birds, but people do eat these fish...

Tilapia, anyone?

Kind of the same pattern that we see with Mad Cow Disease. Feeding animal products to other animals that aren't carnivorous is usually not a good idea...
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