Thursday, December 08, 2005



Neoconservative poster-girl Anne Coulter was forced by hecklers to cut short an address at the University of Connecticut:,0,2591762.story?&track=rss

One group chanted "you suck" while an unidentified person or persons played loud music. After waiting several minutes, Coulter lost her patience, saying "I love to engage in repartee with people that are a lot stupider than I am," she said. `We're having a question and answer right now with the little crybabies."

Pure Coulter... No class at all...

Back when the Dixie Chicks made rude comments about GWB, a lot of venues stopped playing their very popular music.

Neoconservatives voiced approval of what they styled a proper response from a free market.

Now, those same people aren't going to complain about Annie's cold-shoulder treatment at U of C, are they?

We'll see...

And Please...

Let's not try to make this a "free speech" issue. Ms. Coulter was paid $16,000 for this appearance out of student funds, which belonged to the hecklers as much as to the rest of the audience. For that much money, she ought to stand there and let the students hit her with pies...

Which has happened before...

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