Sunday, December 18, 2005



One of the more foolish questions that has been asked during the current meltdown over warrantless eavesdropping is why, since a secret Court existed to issue the warrants, warrants weren't sought...

I think the answer is obvious: The Executive branch leaks like a 40-year old dinghy, and Congress is worse. The Administration knows it but can't control it. Even the "need to know" limitation couldn't keep the "secret" secret. More steps in the process amounted to nothing except more chances to leak.

Oh well. At least the civil libertarians should be reassured...

If the government wasn't doing this I'd be worried. So to me the real story here is the timing of this and the "torture" nonsense. All timed by the NY Times and 60 Minutes and the like to get a great Iraqi election off the front page.

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