Monday, December 19, 2005


FoxNews reports on the outcome of Bolivia's recent Presidential elections:,2933,179104,00.html

It looks like the Socialist candidate, Evo Morales, is winning handily.

He's promised to end the US-Bolivian joint coca eradication project. The one we have spent approximately one zillion dollars on...

This could be a forty penny spike in the coffin of the war on drugs - far from fatal but significant. And that would be a good thing. Never a good idea, the war on drugs has accomplished nothing except filling our jails and making mobsters rich. Time long since to abandon the puritanical experiment and send it the way of Prohibition.

Not to mention that ending War On Drugs (WOD) would take a lot of the profit out of the illegal drug trade, also putting a crimp in the finances of international terrorism.

Now if only it wasn't for the fact that this election puts another Chavex/Castro accolyte in power in South America, with control of vast Natural Gas reserves.

Too bad about ANWR...
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