Friday, December 30, 2005


Kudos to OrbusMax for linking this from the Wall Street Journal:

"Death of a Sawmill" by Jim Petersen:

I don't care what the people pushing to lock up these forests call themselves, they aren't environmentalists and this isn't ecologically sound management. Sound management doesn't ignore fire and bug damage or allow unthinned forests to degenerate into infernos waiting to happen.

The hell of it is, you don't get many win-wins in ecological management. This could be a win-win, if the earth worshippers could see past their faith to the untenable reality they are helping to create.

You often hear from the pave paradise lobby that "environmentalists" are anti-people. This is a potent evidence for their claim - something environmentalists need to keep in mind. Forests in the intermountain states have over the last few years been burning far faster than they can recover - and the people's lives are burning up with them. Ultimately this sort of policy will force the depopulation of the region by first destroying the economy and then the ecology.

And that will be a legacy nobody will want "credit" for...

Jim Petersen's website "Evergreen Magazine" can be found at

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