Thursday, January 05, 2006



Submitted for your appraisal. I'm still not sure of the bona fides, but via

We have a report from claiming to compile all of Jack Abramoff's personal contributions:

223 names, no Democrats.

Now, this does not say big Jack didn't influence other people to give money to Democrats. This list only covers a comparitatively paltry $261,918...

NW progressive, in so many words, accuses AP of slanting the facts against Democrats by lumping Abramoff clients in with the man himself:

Just so you remember there is a left wing and I'm not it...

I'm not sure it makes any difference, but I am sure Democrats - especially those on the far left - will try to make a difference out of it. Expect to read more.

But do realize what this says about big Jack... He was willing to buy or use anyone with someone else's money, but when he was spending his own, hard-stolen cash, he always bought Republican...

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