Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Curmudgeon Emeritus Ken Schram identified an interesting social group, “Racist Butts,” in his column “A Lot Of Racist Butts Out There:”

The group is differentiated by the habitual use of the phrase, “I’m not a racist, but”…

I’ve identified a new group: “Homophobe Butts.”

A bunch of them gathered to spew at the legislature yesterday:

“Opponents To Gay Civil Rights Bill Crowd Public Hearing”

The “don’t burden business” subset was there; so was the “save the kids” brigade, and of course, the damnfool bigots, one of whom read from the bible until stopped…

I have a dream… That someday people will learn to just mind their own business and let anyone trade freely in the economy: Trade without having to meet an unrelated standard. Trade in the workplace, the housing market, anywhere.

That so many “Homophobe Butts” turned out for this hearing is proof we’re not there yet, and that the laws they oppose are necessary and desirable.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs Bigot. You make making the case so simple…

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