Monday, January 23, 2006


And maybe more than one cat…

Kudos to Protein Wisdom

For linking this potentially very significant story from AFP via Iran Focus:

“Iran may have received advanced centrifuges: diplomats”

As the article notes, if true, this is pretty much the end of Tehran’s credibility. Iran has never admitted to having this more sophisticated centrifuge.

Beyond that…

We have a claim here that not only were they able to secure a design, but they also received three ready-to-go units…

“Non-proliferation analyst David Albright told AFP from Washington that the Khan network "always sent sample machines with designs. It would make sense if Iran got this. This is how the Khan network worked. They had stockpiles of these things in Dubai…"

The Kahn network refers to the Pakistani group that ran a little side job selling nuclear technology…

I’m particularly struck by that last line: “They had stockpiles of these things in Dubai”

Stockpiles of “these things.” Where are they now?

Iran may only be the beginning.

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