Thursday, January 26, 2006


James Thayer over at The Weekly Standard writes an interesting essay on recycling:

‘Recycle This!”

A for the most part accurate treatment of the subject.

One thing he misses: A lot of the push for recycling in Seattle comes not from bleeding-heart greenies but rather from the “Good Ol’ Garbage Boys” club which makes a killing on this boondoggle. Rabanco has close ties to its “competition” as well as Seattle’s yard waste recycler. This is a case where Limbaugh’s Law operates: Follow the money.

Environmentally, what makes sense? Recycling anything somebody is willing to pay you for. If it’s “free,” that’s what its worth.

IMO, the best current solution is sort & burn: Here’s a link to Spokane’s “landfill:”

The electricity this plant generates burning garbage as a co-fuel is sold to Puget Sound Energy…

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