Saturday, January 07, 2006


FoxNews reports on the appellant tactics of Qian Wenzhao of Minle County, Gansu province, China, who blew up himself and four other people in a courtroom...,2933,180935,00.html

Fox provides context: "Bomb attacks motivated by grudges or business disputes are common in China, where most gun ownership is banned but explosives are widely available for mining and construction."

Well! Whoda thunk it!

I guess that shows when outlaws can't get guns, they'll make bombs!

So the next time someone says banning guns is a good idea, point at China - point to, I mean, pointing at would be misunderstood - and declaim, "would you rather be shot or blown up?!?!"

Not sure who said it originally, but "an armed society is a polite society"...
I guess in China, Jihadi style Bomb vests will become the new fashion...
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