Thursday, January 19, 2006


Orbusmax links a story from The Australian:

“UN ceremony wipes Israel from the map”,5744,17877450%255E2703,00.html

A more objective headline would have been “UN ceremony remembers a time before Israel,” or perhaps “UN ceremonial map recalls a time before Israel,” since there was no “wiping” or other action – there was merely the display of a pre-1948 map...

The map was displayed as part of a “solidarity” ceremony supporting the Palestinian people. An annual event since 1977, it has apparently escaped criticism until now.

But now, the US has “Cowboy John” Bolton as UN Ambassador, and he’s riding in, rhetorical six-guns a blazin’…

Ambassador Bolton asserts it is “entirely inappropriate for this map to be used" during observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on November 29. "It can be misconstrued to suggest that the United Nations tacitly supports the abolition of the state of Israel"…

It might also be construed as an admission the world wasn’t reborn in 1948… And as a reminder that 1948 ended one Diaspora while sowing the seeds of another… A fact Bolton and his crowd doesn’t want remembered…

Hmmm, a 'solidarity' ceremony with the Arab residents of Samaria and Judea. Maybe a good headline for the article would have been, "UN Ceremony Sighs with Nostalgia for Time Before Modern Israel."
"UN Ceremony Sighs with Nostalgia for Time Before Modern Israel" when the area where modern day Isreal is today was a wasteland. is that what you dream of? Don't you find it odd that before l967 when you heard the word Palestinian it was followed by the word Jew. the people that are the modern day "palestinian" did not exist before l967 and many "palestinians" today are individuals who have migrated into the region to take advantage of the jobs available in Israel.
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