Thursday, January 26, 2006


Oppressed schoolboys, that is…

The Boston Globe’s Tracy Jan reports on a recently filed discrimination complaint:

“Schoolboy's bias suit Argues system is favoring girls”

Based on the information offered, I’d have to say the complaint has merit. On disparate outcomes alone the complaint is as strong as many race or gender related complaints successfully pursued in other jurisdictions. Of course, those actions were undertaken on the behalf of really oppressed minorities…For example… almost anybody except a white male…

In my neck of the woods the schools have become severely pussywhipped. Considering one specific of the claim – students in one class are required to decorate their notebooks with glitter and feathers – the situation in Boston is similar….

This will merit watching.

The war against boys is real - and we have the feminists to thank. They pretty much run primary and secondary education. Hell, they run all education - as you know it gets more virulent in college.

Aren't we up to something like over 60% of college graduates are female (and climbing)?

As a man you gotta like those odds for dates, but come on - a little attention to the bias up and down the system would be great, before all the boys are on ritalin and girls are in AP.

Glad you are shedding some light, Possum. Frankly I'm too dumb to approach the subject. After all I'm the poor product of public schools.
Our schools have been feminized too much.

Boys are discouraged from writing about what they know. They want to write about cops and robbers, cowboys and indians. Things that involve guns. They want to read books about sports, but all of this is discouraged by the PC crowd who want to make boys be kinder and gentler

It's hard for boys to learn if they're not allowed to burn off excess energy at recess. Even there, the boys are told they have to act more like girls. No cops and robbers because that involves guns. No tag because it makes the person who's "it" feel bad. No dodge-ball because somebody could get hurt.
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