Thursday, January 26, 2006


You will have to read this to believe it…

Now remember, this is a liberal blogging on a liberal website:

VIA Huffington Post Earl Ofari Hutchinson blogs

“Why So Many Blacks Fear Illegal Immigrants, Pt.1”

I guess it’s OK if you’re black enough. I know what would happen to a white man who suggested, in effect, “Whites fear illegal immigration from Mexico because Hispanics take jobs away from whites that whites don’t want anyway”…

That’s the gist of it. In the author’s own words…

“there is no concrete evidence that the majority of employers hire Latinos at low-end jobs and exclude blacks from them solely because of their race… Despite a recent flurry of lawsuits and settlements by blacks against and with major employers for alleged racial favoritism toward Hispanic workers, employers vehemently deny that they shun blacks, and maintain that blacks don't apply for these jobs. …These aren't just flimsy covers for discrimination. Many blacks will no longer work the low skilled, menial factory, restaurant, and custodial jobs that in decades past they filled. The pay is too low, the work too hard, and the indignities too great. On the other hand, those blacks that seek these jobs are often given a quick brush off by employers. The subtle message is that blacks won't be hired, even if they do apply. An entire category of jobs at the bottom rung of American industry has been clearly marked as "Latino only" jobs. That further deepens suspicion and resentment among blacks that illegal immigration is to blame for the economic misery of poor blacks.”

Unless you view the world through race-colored glasses, you will see that illegal immigrants take jobs away from the least qualified, irrespective of their race.

But then if you wear race-colored glasses, everything is a race issue…

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