Monday, January 23, 2006


VIA Orbusmax, we have this from the World Tribune:

“Report: Israel has identified 60 targets in Iran”

An article based on the views of “outsiders” purporting to be close to the inside who likely are…

Three items really stand out: The first two sources in this point – counterpoint argue whether Israel can do this alone.

What are the political ramifications of a joint strike force consisting of ???

If they can, and they do, what then politically?

Here is another quote of the $100 / barrel boogeyman. What if??? If Iran actually did stop pumping entirely, there flat isn’t enough oil to meet world demand.

So we turn the tap back on how? With who’s army?

Not ours, it’s busy… And I think I know who…

What’s your guess?

How come mullahs are provoking the west for war

They might get it from Isreal
Yeah the oil component really gives the Iranian Nuts leverage. They can really hurt our economy. Of course, that's no reason to let them build nukes. Nukes should only be in the hands of responsible countries, like China and N. Korea.

But seriously, they have to be stopped. We have to be involved and Europe needs to be behind it. And that scenario, which I think is necessary, would put Israel on the sidelines.
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