Friday, January 27, 2006


For the worst nightmare file:

The New York Sun recounts assertions laid out in a new book written by a former Iraqi General:

“Iraq's WMD Secreted in Syria, Sada Says”

The book, “Saddam’s Secrets,” was written by Georges Sada, who according to The Sun was Saddam’s #2 man in the air force, even though he was a Christian and wasn’t a Baathist.

This has been one of my darker muses – that they really did have some small program kept secret, and that it was sent out of Iraq… Over three years ago.

A few critical questions for the touring writer and his publicists…

First, I assume Sada wasn’t a member of the deck of cards shitlist. But certainly we was interrogated, and later kept track of. The article states his information is second-hand, presumably acquired after the invasion. Why didn’t he contact the Occupational Authority?

Or did he? If he did, one is left assuming he brought no new, actionable information to the table. Or at least hoping…

No, if GWB had a Syrian bull’s-eye to aim at, he’d pull the trigger. So we’re probably left with one more account that points the way to at best a cold trail and at worst a dead end. Either way, 56 cargo flights and a ground convoy could move a lot of material.

And “we the people” are left with the question: If the weapons existed, where are they now? Hidden in Syria? Or spread around the world???

If our government knows, this is one secret they seem to be able to keep…

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