Friday, February 24, 2006


Joel Connelly over at the Seattle P-I brings us interesting if a bit rambling observations on the upcoming elections:

“We'll have front-row seat in battle for Congress”

A bit of news trivia toward the end caught my eye:

“A hero to the party's anti-war left, fiery controversial Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean spoke to 1,200 people in Olympia at the Democrats' annual crab feed Monday night. Gov. Christine Gregoire's aides expended a bit of energy figuring ways to assure that their boss was NOT photographed with Dean. The governor did greet Dean, in the safety of a private reception.”…

It’s amazing. Almost nobody wants to be seen with Howard Dean. There must be a special “unlikability” gene which causes it’s carrier to give off “obnoxious rays”… The only people unaffected are fellow carriers of the gene…

But it suggests a sure-fire winning strategy for the Democrats in 2006. The party should promise that everyone who votes Democrat gets to throw a pie at Howie…

Howie is radioactive. If you really wanted to lose you get a group photo with him AND Al Gore.
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