Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Newsweek brings us an account of an environmentalist who doesn’t fit the oft-offered stereotypes:

“God’s Green Soldiers”


Meet the Rev. Richard Cizik, a conservative evangelical Christian who believes environmental stewardship is a religious duty.

Not so much an unusual person as an unusual context. There are of course millions of people who call themselves Christians who also call themselves environmentalists – yet for the most part the well-known ones drive on the left side of the road…

But some things never change, including the nature of the fanatic. While Cizik’s views are gaining much ground among the churches’ leaders and members, some insist the subject doesn’t belong on the evangelist’s agenda:

Speaking for James Dobson and his Focus on the Family movement, Tom Minnery, director of Dobson's political-action group, opines "It's a distraction when families are falling apart and abortion continues as a great evil."

And that’s fanaticism in action. As long as abortion is legal and the fictional “traditional” family has competition, nothing else matters.

If there were a devil, and Dobson had a soul, he’d offer it in trade for an end to legal abortion. But Satan would turn him down… He/she would already own all the fanatics…

Have to agree strongly with something here: it's likely Satan is a "she"...
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