Wednesday, February 15, 2006


AFP brings us the comments of prominent Democrats relating to bwana Cheney’s safari mishap:

“Democrats blast Cheney secrecy after shooting”

The Junior Senator from New York opines:

“A tendency of this administration -- from the top all the way to the bottom -- is to withhold information ... to refuse to be forthcoming about information that is of significance and relevance to the jobs that all of you do, and the interests of the American people…Putting it all together, going back years now, there's a pattern and it's a pattern that should be troubling”…

Interesting… As I recall, her husband, the former Commander-in-Heat, did quite a bit of “shooting” in the Oval office, and was less than forthcoming with the details…

But that was with a MUCH smaller gun…

Hillary's desperate search for an issue continues...
Yeah. I heard Willy gave ol' Monica a pretty good peppering.
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