Thursday, February 02, 2006


VIA Orbusmax, we have a book review from moderate in training Karl Swenson at Leaning Straight Up:

The tome under consideration is a child’s book entitled “Why Mommy is a Democrat”…

Neither the site nor the author is officially connected with the Democratic Party… Which, I expect, appreciates this “endorsement” about as much as the RNC appreciates Pat Robertson…

Really, I have to suspect funny business… The critters on the book’s cover are squirrels, which, as any Possum can tell you, are all Republicans.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the average squirrel: Workaholic, obsessive saver, nervous – type “A” all the way – and constantly scanning the horizon for enemies…

As I updated, there is hypocrisy across the aisle, and there is plenty of indication that this book is on the level.

If this is a hoax, it's a well endorsed one, as well as one that claims that 5% of all proceeds goes to democrats or semocrat organizations.
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A nice write up on it, including a bio on the author
You only need to do a google search for the title of the book to see that it is quite real, and being pushed by the more rabid lefties out there.

It is something of a rebuttal to "Mom, there are liberals under my bed"...

Personally, I put this in the same category as the PETA comic book that told kids that their parents murder animals.

I think we need to let kids be kids...There is plenty of time for political indoctrination in High School...
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