Saturday, February 11, 2006


VIA Orbusmax and AZCentral, AP relates the tale of Manfred van H:

“Man to face charges for printing Koran on toilet paper”

Germans… There must be a fight-picking gene…

From the article:

[The defendant] “printed sheets of toilet paper with the sentence "Koran, the Holy Qur'aen" and sent them to about 15 mosques, television stations and magazines. In an accompanying letter, authorities say, he asserted that Islam's holy book is a "cookbook for terrorists" that calls for acts of violence. He proposed that a "memorial to all victims of Islamic terror" be set up, financed by sales of the toilet paper - an offer that prosecutors say he also posted on the Internet.”

He got charges and death threats for his trouble, but managed to incite no riots…

I bet he’s terribly disappointed.

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