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VIA OrbusMax, NBC 4 out of Alta Loma, CA reports on an unusual legal issue:

“Girl Charged With Battery After Dodge Ball Game”

Brittney Schneiders, 12, and five other students were charged with battery after they “repeatedly and unnecessarily hit with the ball” a young brace-wearing boy who sustained a fat lip. The other students opted to accept probation, but Brittany and her parents opted to fight.

The article notes not all the facts in the case can be made public at his time.

“"I don't think I did (commit a crime)," Brittney told NBC4's Mary Parks. "I thought I was just playing a dodge ball game. I never thought it would come up to this level."”

Her father, Ray Schneiders, concurs.  "We are not parents who see our princess can do no wrong. It is all about power and the manic egos of those who possess and abuse it."

Gut reaction, based on admittedly incomplete information…

I agree with the father – but the abusers in this case are the kids, not the system. It’s the kids who had the power and abused it.

Oh, but it’s only a game…

Only a game? Games are the original and most basic way kids learn. It’s not the game, it’s the lesson. While there may be nothing wrong with “one hit and your out” dodgeball, group assaults are never OK, and they almost always stem from an ugly motivation.

Read between the lines. This kid was singled out by his tormentors. The game ended when the torment began. The lesson is either it’s OK to arbitrarily abuse for sport, or it’s not. A thrown ball is worlds away from setting a homeless drunk on fire, but the motivations have remarkably similar sources: The monkey urge to inflict pain for amusement.

Rebuke the monkey. Throw the book at her.

The most cruel people in the world are under 18...

I never cared for "games" like dodgeball, as they are just organized bullying.

I think that our youth would be much better off if we taught Tai Chi, Taekwondo, or some other form of exercise/self defense training, instead of these activities that reinforce the natural tendency to punish the "runts", or nerds, or whatever, for being different than the group.
How will the runt and nerds ever learn? I was both, and I became a passable combat infantryman. Didn't the guy defend himself? Didn't the guy understand the objective of the game? If he passed up an opportunity to quit the game then tough shit.
Tough call. I loved dodgeball as a kid because I had a great arm. And even though it was violent, truth of the matter is it was tame compared to the battles after school in my neighborhood.

But the rules were always followed. Girls wanted no part of the mess. That's what's different today. Girls can be very brutal but the physical brutality wasn't common for them in the 70's. I guess that's part of the great gender equalization we've "accomplished" through feminism.

End the end, these kids weren't playing dodgeball, they were bullying. That can't be tolerated.
Not a bad point, Walter. In many instances, it probably can be a "character building" event.

But I think that those that have the capability, like yourself, to rise to the challenge are fewer in number than those who are scarred by this sort of thing.

Keep in mind, that in todays system, participation is frequently not optional. And few of the kids today have the guidance they need from parents, or family, to deal with this sort of thing.

It's one of the reasons I think that there should be a minimum age of 25 for attendance to higher education. I think you should be REQUIRED to spend a few years face to face with life, before going back to school.

Heck, I think that kids should be required to work during Jr and Sr High. If they cant find a job, let them mop floors or paint rocks around the school.

Digressing here...Anyway, good point.
Did anyone wonder why this became a criminal matter, instead of being handled through the school disciplinary system?

From personal experience, I would guess that the principal worried that if he tried to suspend the students, their parents would sue the district, and his job would be jeopardized. It's a little harder to threaten the police...
What is the world coming to when a huge group of one (1) girl bullies a gang of boys and bloodies one of their lips?

What can we do about this one girl bullying all of these boys?!?!?!?!? This girl needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for proving that girls are more manly than those boys.

This needs to be stopped immediately to keep the self esteem of these boys from being destroyed. A fact-finding commission needs to start a witchhunt to go after these little witches across the whole nation!

Stop the brutality. Stop dogdeball, soccer, and kickball. Balls used in the wrong manner by the wrong people only destroy lives. Girls with balls are worst offenders!
ban the balls people dont bully people balls do
What kind of balls did they use? O_o When I played dodgeball in school, they used balls that couldn't hurt anyone unless they shoved it down your throat.
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