Saturday, February 11, 2006


Yesterday Newsmax brought us word of the still tentative future plans of the peerless radio commentator Paul Harvey:

“Fred Thompson May Replace Paul Harvey”

Speaking as someone who has enjoyed Paul Harvey’s work since childhood, I’d have to say Mr. Thompson may succeed Mr. Harvey, but no one will replace him…

An early, fond farewell to Paul. You will be sorely missed.

Great post. I missed that. I love Paul Harvey. It has been obvious he is getting old just by listening. Always wondered what he made - never guessed those numbers, but he deserves it, just for being an icon and doing such a great job.

As for Fred, he may take up the mantle, but it won't work. Radio exec's are making a normal mistake. Sure Fred has a great, and recognizable voice, but he has to have his own schtick to make it work, and he won't. You can't follow Harvey and have your own schtick.

The powers that be, IMO, need to either pass it on to Paul Harvey Jr or even better Gil Gross, or let it RIP with Paul.

What does the Possum and others think?
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