Saturday, February 11, 2006


This morning the Idaho Statesman brings us the cheery tale of Walter Bayes, anti-abortion activist:

“Wilder abortion activist is starving to make a point”

Mr. Bayes is 33 days into a hunger strike and intends to starve to death unless the Idaho Legislature passes “a law saying that human life begins with conception.”

Talk about dedication to a cause…You’d think siring 16 kids would be enough “pro-life activism”…

And I have to ask a couple of questions: Is this martyrdom? In allowing him to do this, are his associates guilty of assisting suicide?

At the risk of appearing to be unforgivably crass, I have to opine… Go Wally! Maybe he could be a trendsetter! It would be fine if he could convince a few million or even a few thousand other busybodies to off themselves… America would be greatly served by a busybody depopulation initiative… We have too damn many people who think they are appointed to oversee other peoples’ private decisions.

Starve, Wally, starve!

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