Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Foxnews Business details a proposed merger in the communications industry:

“AT&T: BellSouth Deal Would Lead to 10,000 Job Cuts”


The article leads by explaining the attrition plan which is expected to cut about 3% of the new combined workforce, explaining:

“San Antonio-based AT&T expects the acquisition announced Sunday to save it $2 billion annually, partly by combining the two work forces.”

Fox notes “The merged company would have 70 million local-line phone customers, 54.1 million wireless subscribers and nearly 10 million broadband subscribers in the 22 states where they now operate. The deal would substantially expand the reach of AT&T, already the country's largest telecommunications company by the number of customers served. BellSouth is the dominant local telephone provider in the Southeast.”

Once upon a time there was a company called Ma Bell… One day Ma gave birth to a bunch of baby Bells… The birth was celebrated by cheerful, rose-glassed pundits who insisted the “consumer” would reap great benefits in cost savings and choice due to enhanced competition.

Instead we got a clusterfuck where many people have multiple providers, each of which sends us a lengthy and largely incomprehensible bill…

Now, through the magic of merger, consumers in the Southeast will reap savings realized “by combining the two work forces”…

So much for the business planners… Right full rudder! Full speed ahead!

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