Tuesday, March 07, 2006


FoxNews yesterday brought us an item of profound, enduring significance:

“Beer Guts Save Lives”


“New research suggests that guys with a little more to love around the middle are more likely to survive a serious car crash than those who maintain a slender bod, HealthDay News reports…As cruel fate would have it, the study says women in wrecks don’t benefit from the bulge at all.”

I knew it was good for something… Maybe there is a god…

I’m reminded of a complaint lodged against mandatory airbag installation by a smallish woman who contended airbags were just a device to protect big fat men who refused to wear seatbelts while endangering everyone else… Now it turns out they aren’t necessary, big fat men grow their own airbags…

You’d have thought the airbags in Congress would have long since realized this…

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