Thursday, March 09, 2006


This would piss me off… out of Austin Texas reports on a new kind of emphasis patrol:

“Tickets For Good Driving”

“Dozens of Central Texas drivers got pulled over Thursday for doing absolutely nothing wrong…Travis County Deputy Derrick Taylor says his job is to not only look for bad drivers, but reward and encourage friendly drivers…"The big cargo truck that was in front of you and you allowed to get in front of you, that was a very nice thing you did and because it was a safe thing, we want to reward you with a Round Rock express baseball tickets," Taylor tells a good driver.”

OK… So I allow extra time so I don’t have to drive like I usually do… And Deputy Derrick pulls me over and steals my spare time from me…

It would be difficult not to tell him to stick those tickets up his “holster” and quit wasting the public’s money… Before putting the hammer down, hoping  to make up the lost time – and pelt Derrick with a little tire-thrown gravel…

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