Tuesday, March 07, 2006


FoxNews Opinion Dynamics has released a new poll on South Dakota’s draconian abortion ban:

“03/07/06 FOX News Poll: Majority Opposes South Dakota Abortion Law”


“The poll finds that 59 percent of Americans would oppose the South Dakota law in the state where they live and 35 percent would support it.”

I told you so… Try to pass this on a National level and the Nation will stampede left…

Beyond this specific law, support for the pro-choice position wanes predictably. Still, “Overall, about half (49 percent) of Americans say on the issue of abortion they are pro-choice and four in 10 (41 percent) say pro-life.”

For the whole poll:


One final note for poll watchers…

NewsBusters has made a great deal out of what they interpret as “slanting” of certain recent poll samples by ABC and CBS. One complaint is that more Democrats are polled than Republicans. For example:

The CBS poll sample taken at the end of February consisted of 37% Democrats, 35% independents, and 28% Republicans.

This Fox Poll?

43% Democrats, 18% independents, 33% Republicans, and 6% other / don’t know.

Well, Brent? Are you going to “bust” Fox?


It has long been dogma among pollsters that about a third of the US is staunchly Republican and that excepting races skewed by third-party spoilers our election results largely revolve around turnout and the vagaries of the great undecided “independent” middle. The last two elections notwithstanding, when “independents” have to take a side on social issues they usually choose “D”…

Keep that in mind, you Republicans with showdowns on your minds…

“The poll finds that 59 percent of Americans would oppose the South Dakota law in the state where they live and 35 percent would support it.”

Well this begs the question, so what?

The issue is what do the people in South Dakota want, not what the peoplein Nevada or Mississippi want.

Can a state control its own laws with independence and sovereignty? Will all the sectoins of the constitution that grants states independence be trumped by roe v wade?

That is the real issue.
I didn't commission the darn thing, Karl...

"Can a state control its own laws with independence and sovereignty?"

No. That was decided in the aftermath of a war by the 14th amendment in 1868. It has been further supported by the expansions in the commerce clause that gave us everything from the Controlled Substances act to the FDA. And it is lastly supported by the 16th amendment - the power to tax is the power to destroy.

Now, if you want to argue for a Federalist system that emphasizes State's Rights you won't get an argument from me. I think we would have far more efficient and accountable governance without the Feds, and on a more selfish note I think Washington would have laws far more to my liking without the inputs of South Dakota.

But it will never happen because it means removing power from the Federal State...
A majority of Americans will probably always oppose abortion bans - so many young women in this country have become comfortable with its use as birth control.

As to a third of the country being stanchly R and I's leaning left on social issues. That sounds about right. But the dynamic is changing with R's gaining ground in social issues.

The Evangelical explosion continues. And, as a Catholic, I actually think it's great.
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