Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The news broke this morning that three persons have been apprehended in connection with the recent church fires in Alabama. FoxNews fills in the details:

“Sick 'Joke' Arrests in church arson spree”,2933,187183,00.html

Agents from the BATF allege we have Matthew Lee Cloyd, 20, Benjamin Moseley and Russell Lee DeBusk Jr., both 19 to thank for this little prank…

From the article:

“Moseley told agents on Wednesday that he, Cloyd and DeBusk went to Bibb County in Cloyd's Toyota sport utility vehicle on Feb. 2 and set fire to five churches. A witness quoted Cloyd as saying Moseley did it "as a joke and it got out of hand"… Moseley also told agents the four church fires in west Alabama were set "as a diversion to throw investigators off," an attempt that "obviously did not work."

I can’t help but wish it had been some whack-job fringe group or someone with a grudge against the Baptists. At least then there would some kind of insane “justification” involved. Instead we have three “men” out for nothing beyond a good time… I’m reminded of the recent assaults on homeless persons, caught on tape.

Little thought of consequences - I bet they weren’t spanked as kids…

Scratch nine churches and three lives…

Or maybe they can be rehabilitated. Here’s my suggestion: They should be required to work, free of charge, on the reconstruction of those churches. Work all day; go back to jail at night. Work every possible day until all nine are rebuilt doing anything they can – even if it is only shoveling debris or packing lumber and hod…

They would learn valuable skills this way, which they could use for the next twenty years or so, working to pay off the rest of the damages. Let ‘em keep enough to survive and not a penny more.

They won’t think it’s funny anymore…

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