Thursday, March 09, 2006


Orbusmax links a rant over at Oregon Magazine:

“Grizzly Man: The Death of an Idiot”

Oh, read it yourself. You may well enjoy it, if your diet has been a little deficient lately in right-wing hate… All the evils in an old fool’s life rolled up into a single package and projected; personified in an amateur naturalist who got a little too close to nature…

Not that I have any particular sympathy for someone dumb enough to get that close to a Grizzly without at least a .300 magnum for a calling card. Give him a Darwin Award.

But this unidentified author… Fascinating. I wonder: Does he understand that he is exactly the kind the hippies were - are -  rebelling against? The counterculture… Counter to aggressive, intolerant ignoramuses who delight in the misfortunes of others.


“Grizzlyman” the documentary was on the Discovery Channel a couple times last week…I managed to see most of it…it was a fascinating portrait of a nut…Treadwell’s delusions as to his place in the universe ended up killing him and his girlfriend…I don’t feel sorry for Treadwell…he fucked with Mother Nature…I feel bad for the girl though…it was obvious she wasn’t comfortable around the bears, but put her faith in Tim and met a horrific end (she fought the bear for almost 6 minutes while he was chewing on Treadwell)…the film didn’t go into any detail about her…

At some level I also feel bad for the Old Timer…he just sounds bitter…Your right, he is the epitome of right-wing hate…some other random observations….Treadwell’s soliliquy about homosexuality was very tongue in cheek…he was lamenting the fact that his lifestyle limited his opportunities for female companionship…For the most part Treadwell did spend most of his time in AK alone…I think that contributed a great deal to his delusions…The Old Timer has plenty of his own delusions…his rants on the hippies and their place in history is quite over the top…bear crap notwithstanding, we all end up being nightcrawler crap at some point…
Kind of like his prose, and his his focus is right on (as a hippie would say). A tad angry for sure - a little humor would go a long way in a piece like that.

And the guy was an idiot. A good lesson for those inclined to nature worship. A healthy dose of respect and reality would have helped this moron.
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