Tuesday, May 23, 2006


VIA Orbusmax, we have two items concerning developments in an unforgivable incident of animal cruelty. First, KATU Portland brings us the basics:

“Court To Rule On Landmark Pet Death Case”


The case concerns one Raymond Weaver, who was convicted of animal abuse after he deliberately ran over his neighbor’s dog, Grizz. In what could be a precedent-setting case, the family is suing for loss of companionship, asking for 1.5 million in damages. As KATU notes:

“States typically limit damages in such cases to an animal's fair market value. An award for loss of companionship … could lead to an expansion of pet owners' rights in Oregon, and possibly the nation.”

Meanwhile over at 750 KXL, Lars Larson offers an opinion on the matter:

“What is a dog's life worth?”


Succinctly put, Mr. Larson opines that while running over the dog was “an evil thing to do” the suit is “inappropriate:”

“Now loss of companionship is something you get for a child or losing your wife; for a human being, not for a dog. Not for any kind of animal… Do I think the family deserves a million bucks in compensation or more for the loss of their dog? Absolutely, positively not.”

What’s a dog’s life worth? I think that’s the wrong question to ask.

What’s the life of a dirty sonofabitch who would deliberately run over a dog worth?

A lot less than a dog, I think.

Mark Greenup and his family deserve every penny of that 1.5 million and more. And Weaver deserves to be locked away for the rest of his life… In a dogpound. Build him a special cell next to his betters and lock him away every night. Let him out to tend the animals – and divert the wage he would have earned to reparations.

And if he gets sick or injured, just “put him to sleep”…

I agree. woof woof.
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